Touring by Bike South America, Africa and Europe by Bicycle

Touring by Bike
Day 33. La Paz

Km today: 0 Relax, walking through the city, repair the flash at Don Miguel.

Day32. Desaguadero to La Paz

Today I woke up normally to cross the border into Bolivia. One big stage of my trip was finished and I was about the begin the second one. After crossing the entire Peru from West to East, over the high passes of the Andes, I was prepare to face Bolivian mountains. My hostal was literally […]

Day 31. Puno to Desaguadero

Km today: 145 Km total: about 1920 Long day, with late departure from Puno. Head ache on the last 30 km. Arival in Deasguadero at 9 pm, after last 10 with strong wind

Day 29. Colca Canyon

km today: 0 Bus tour in Colva Canyon , impressive piece of art made by the nature. Admire the flight of the condors. That´s the main reason I came to Colca Canyon

Day 28. By Bus to Chivay

Km today: 0 I bought this bus tour and crossed the mountains again, going by bus from Puno to Chivay. Beautiful landscape, a stop at 4910 m, unfortunately the vulcanoes are covered by clouds. admired vicunias

Day 27. Lake Titicaca

km today: 0 km total: 1770 Leaving Amantani island after a very strong rain Visiting Taquile, while enduring a strong stomach ache. return to Puno, where I check out the hotel (after the ownere wants to exchange usd for 1.5 instead of 2.5). Check in at a hostal forv 25 soles and bought a tour […]

Day 26. Lake Titicaca

Km today 0 Visit Uros community and amantani island

Day 25. Santa Rosa to Puno

Km today: 176 Km total: 1770 Today I woke up at 6, after sleeping about 10 hours. I feel fresh, so I pack to go. I stop downstairs for a peruvian-style breakfast, on the street. I drink quinoa, buy some bananas and go. For the first hours I manage to keep a very good speed […]

Day 24. Sicuani to Santa Rosa
Day 24. Sicuani to Santa Rosa

I was tired after the 142 km of yesterday, so I left late. Went well at the beginning, but the first shower came pretty soon. I found shelter in a small shop, put on the rain stuff, left 15 minutes later, when the rain stopped. 1 km further up the stomach problems strike. Also, technical […]

Day 23. Cuzco to Sicuani

Km today: 142 Km total: 1515 Left Cuzco late, after having breakfast, preparing, etc Passed by the ruins of piquillaqta, stopped for some pictures. Afterwards, a lot of up and down. The road goes up along a river, eith a very nice landscape. Various trees, meadows, view of the surrounding hills. Biking by night about […]