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Day 37. Salar de Uyuni, Isla Incahuasi

Km today: 90 Trip odometer: 2205 km Today I woke up very late, like 9, after the previous two days. I pack slow and leave the campsite at 12. There are 35 km to go to Isla Incahuasi and I arrive at the island at about 14:30. At the island, not at the restaurant on […]

Day 36. Salar de Uyuni

Km today: 52 Trip odometer: 2090 km I took a night bus from La Paz to Uyuni, arrived in Uyuni at 8 am, just to discover there are some technical problems with the bike. Some screws got unscrewed, I almost lost the back rack. After asking the travel agents for some informnation about Salar de […]

Day 35. Huayna Potosi

Climbed up Huayna Potosi (6088 m.a.s.l) with a good mountain guide.

Day 34. Hike up the mountains

Km today: 0 Hiking towards Huyana Potosi

Day 33. La Paz

Km today: 0 Relax, walking through the city, repair the flash at Don Miguel.

Day32. Desaguadero to La Paz

Today I woke up normally to cross the border into Bolivia. One big stage of my trip was finished and I was about the begin the second one. After crossing the entire Peru from West to East, over the high passes of the Andes, I was prepare to face Bolivian mountains. My hostal was literally […]

Day 31. Puno to Desaguadero

Km today: 145 Km total: about 1920 Long day, with late departure from Puno. Head ache on the last 30 km. Arival in Deasguadero at 9 pm, after last 10 with strong wind