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Day 45. Departure day

Km today: 0 Well, I allowed myself to wake up very late. The plane is at 5 pm, so there is plenty of time. After writing Air France two days ago a message about the bike packing and (as expected) receiving no answer back from them, I decided to take the risk and go to […]

Day 44. Buenos Aires

Km today: 25 (no GPS today) Not much to say for today, I decided not to stress with main tourist objectives, just take it easy, strolling/ biking on the streets. But, first of all, I need to check that I can take off the pedals. Of course I didn’t manage with my toolset, I get […]

Day 43. Villa Maria to Buenos Aires
Day 43. Villa Maria to Buenos Aires

I manage to sleep just a little bit on the bus towards Buenos Aires. There are some stops, people going on and off, so is difficult to sleep. The arrival in Buenos Aires was in time, 1pm. I spent one hour at the bus terminal to check the souvenir shops, look for an internet place, […]