Touring by Bike South America, Africa and Europe by Bicycle

Touring by Bike
Day 2: Lima, Gold Museum

Position: Lima
Position (of the bike): New York, according to Air France
Kilometers today: 0
Kilometers total: 0
Man of the day: –
Bad man of the day: the taxi driver who took me to The Gold Museum
Lady of the day: the lady at the shopping center at The Gold Museum.
Spanish world of the day: Ceviche
Drink of the day: Guaraná (?)

Rubia is the second Spanish world of the day. It means blonde. Of course, the bike is still not in Lima, so today I go for the museums. Museo d’Oro is the first and I take a taxi from Av. Larco, after a short negotiation with the taxi driver:
– Quanto per Museo d’Oro ?
– 10 Soles
– OK

It take about 30 minutes by taxi to reach Museo de Oro, time for me to practice my Spanish. In front of the museum stupid me asks the taxi driver : “10 Soles, si ?” just to get the answer  “noo, 15”. I gave him the pleasure of stealing 5 soles (about 1.5 Euro) from me, and rush at the gate. In the moment when I was to pay the entrance to the museum I get a phone call from Air France, telling me that they think the bike will arrive tonight with United Airlines, and that I have to go to the airport to collect it. I argue that is not my fault and they have to deliver it to the hostel. Señorita promises they will do this way and they will call me tomorrow at 9. Useless to say that my try to have her promise they will not send the bike with some regular post service fails lamentably.

The Gold Museum can be much more interesting and much better organized (maybe that’s just me spoiled by the European museums). Don´t get me wrong: the collection is totally impressive, but, for example the audio guide suffered a randomize operation applied to it. Overall, it worth the visit, if you like history and want to learn more about pre-Columbian cultures. I was impressed by the lady at the boutique, in two minutes I was telling her where I am from and what I plan to do and she answered with “I’m glad you started your visit in South America with my country”. If she would’ve said Peru instead of “my country” I wouldn’t mean anything but that “my country” led me to understand that she really loves her country. She mentioned something about spiritual feelings at Machu Picchu, let´s see if she’s true.

From the Gold Museum I take a taxi back to Miraflores, for 17 soles, this time negotiated from the start. a walk to the seaside, late lunch (ceviche, 36 soles at Alfresco) and here I am having half of the day to visit and do some shopping.  I decide quite spontaneously to go to the National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History and in less than 5 minutes I’m in a taxi, heading for it. Visiting the two museums in the same day is pretty nice in fact, since they refer to the same period and you can learn more about the civilizations of Chamu, Chabin, Vecu, etc.

Day 2. Museum of Archaeology DSC_1528 Day 2. Museum of Archaeology. DSC_1519Day 2. Museum of Archaeology. DSC_1525
Met two Italians in the museum, as well as a small group of three: two French, a guy and a girl (doing a voluntary project in Arequipa) and a Spanish girl from Gran Canaria. We took the bus together back to Miraflor/Barranco; don´t know if I would’ve done this alone, I don’t want to arrive in some bad neighborhood alone, by mistake. In fact it was a combi van and a bus. Travelling in a “combi” van is something I was curious of doing since I exited the airport, two days ago. From inside they look as crappy as they do from outside, in some places you can see through the van down on the street. The rust is eating this funny vans.

Shopping, ticking off item from my To Buy list:
– cable USB – Galaxy tab. I forgot mine in Stockholm, of course
– USB charger  for rechargeable batteries, and the batteries. So I can charge batteries from my 23 000 mAh battery.-

Short dinner, sandwich and guarana juice at La placha. Free WiFi in Parco Kennedy.

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