Touring by Bike South America, Africa and Europe by Bicycle

Touring by Bike
Day 43. Villa Maria to Buenos Aires

I manage to sleep just a little bit on the bus towards Buenos Aires. There are some stops, people going on and off, so is difficult to sleep.
The arrival in Buenos Aires was in time, 1pm. I spent one hour at the bus terminal to check the souvenir shops, look for an internet place, etc.
In Buenos Aires DSC_3743 DSC_3756
I ride towards Milhouse (the hostel) and there are no problems, apart from the GPS getting crazy in between the tall buildings in Buenos Aires.
By the time I find the hostel, check-in and unpack it gets late. There are few places I want to see and, yes, one of them if the cemetery. One of yhe main streets is closed sure to a car race, so I have to go around quite a lot. Is 7:30 pm when I arrive at the cemetery, of course is closed. I continue towards the gardens, the parks here are amazing. I would say that Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen, by the number of parks, but also by the quality of this parks. The Japanese gardens are simply amazing, even if I saw only a part of them, the part that was not closed.
Biking further away I stumble upon a place where there is a music concert. The Killers. I feel like going, but I’m a little bit cold, I have to buy the ticket and probably it not be in a very god place…and it was not in my plan. I give up and go back toward Microcentro, where the hostel is located. I want to try that famous Argentinian “asado”. When I pass by a decent restaurant, I stop, they have asado and I can even leave the bike inside. The thing is…huge. And damn tasty. After almost one hour of fighting the asado I head towards the hostel. No mood for any party here, so…one beer and….sleep.

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