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Touring by Bike
Still To Do

Well, this blog looked crappy sometimes. Some posts look like I was drunk when writing them…I was not. Never. Really ! You should know that most of the times the blog was updated from an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″. Samsung has a software called Swype that helps you easier write stuff. But it is not perfect, it doesn’t always guess the world you are trying to write. If it didn’t work, you need to go back, delete, write again. But many time I was in a rush, without the time for this. So that’s why some posts look crappy. Also, my Android browser don’t always get along perfectly with the CMS I’m using. Therefore, the first priority is:

  1. review and update all posts on this blog. I did that for the first two days, but still a long way to go.
  2. priority number 2 is enhancing the posts with pictures. There are very few pictures for the same reason that I updated the blog from the tablet. And I don’t have a device to read SD cards into my Galaxy tab.
  3. next in line is to download the GPS track on PC and read the log with a nice software, that will hopefully give me some statistics.

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