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Morocco day 4: Tahnaut to Imlil

Leaving Tahnaut after a good breakfast. The road goes smooth and despite it being very narrow in some parts, it doesn’t seem dangerous. The landscape seems to be nicer, entering the mountains. Looking for accommodation, asking around….could found “Chez Maachou” in Imlil. A small guest-house in a secluded village. To reach the guest-house one has […]

Marocco day 3: Leaving Marrakech

Leaving Marrakech, heading to the mountains. the first stretch is flat, but the exit of the city is crazy. I wanted to buy a spare tube and noticed that, as opposite to South America it IS possible to just buy a normal 28″ tube for a bike. Even with the GPS, getting out of the […]

Morocco day 2: Wandering Marrakech

First of January, tired after the sleepless two nights, not in the mood to pack and go. ​​ Waking up late after the sleepless night ​before leaving Stockholm, followed by the New year’s night. Shopping in ​”​souk​”​.​ Tasting the local food again.​ After a lot ​of time spent to prepare the bike…​no departure today. Is […]

Morocco Day 1: Flying to Marrakech
Morocco Day 1: Flying to Marrakech

First day of Morocco bicycle touring trip. Flying from Stockholm to Marrakech, accommodation in Marrakech

New Aqua Vaude Panniers

After all the problems I had with the new (when I bought them) Aqua Vaude panniers I took them to cykloteket, the bike shop where I bought them from. they made me wait for almost two months (that I didn’t push through, since I didn’t need them), but finally they offered new panniers. I would […]


View Cycling South America – winter 2013 in a larger map The blue line is biking, while green was done with a bus.

Still To Do

Well, this blog looked crappy sometimes. Some posts look like I was drunk when writing them…I was not. Never. Really ! You should know that most of the times the blog was updated from an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″. Samsung has a software called Swype that helps you easier write stuff. But it is […]


Well, this is just a very short summary of my South America bicycle tour, I’ll be back with more detailed statistics for my bike tour as soon as I analyze the data from GPS. Let’s see: Countries visited 3 Time zones 3 Total distance by bike 2800 km Trip odometer as shown by GPS 2727 […]

Day 45. Departure day

Km today: 0 Well, I allowed myself to wake up very late. The plane is at 5 pm, so there is plenty of time. After writing Air France two days ago a message about the bike packing and (as expected) receiving no answer back from them, I decided to take the risk and go to […]

Day 44. Buenos Aires

Km today: 25 (no GPS today) Not much to say for today, I decided not to stress with main tourist objectives, just take it easy, strolling/ biking on the streets. But, first of all, I need to check that I can take off the pedals. Of course I didn’t manage with my toolset, I get […]