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Touring by Bike
south america 2013

View Cycling South America – winter 2013 in a larger map The blue line is biking, while green was done with a bus.


Well, this is just a very short summary of my South America bicycle tour, I’ll be back with more detailed statistics for my bike tour as soon as I analyze the data from GPS. Let’s see: Countries visited 3 Time zones 3 Total distance by bike 2800 km Trip odometer as shown by GPS 2727 […]

Day 45. Departure day

Km today: 0 Well, I allowed myself to wake up very late. The plane is at 5 pm, so there is plenty of time. After writing Air France two days ago a message about the bike packing and (as expected) receiving no answer back from them, I decided to take the risk and go to […]

Day 44. Buenos Aires

Km today: 25 (no GPS today) Not much to say for today, I decided not to stress with main tourist objectives, just take it easy, strolling/ biking on the streets. But, first of all, I need to check that I can take off the pedals. Of course I didn’t manage with my toolset, I get […]

Day 41. Volcan to Salta

Km today: 133 Trip odometer: 2536 I woke up late and only because Mathias called me. It was 8:45, waaay later than I intended to leave (not to mention waking up). As usually, it took me one hour to pack and be ready for leaving. I definitely need to find a better way to organize […]

Day 40. Huacalera to Volcan
Day 40. Huacalera to Volcan

I woke up late, had breakfast at 8. Prepared the stuff, helped some kids to inflate a tire on a small bike and by the time I left it was 10 a.m. I asked someone to help me with a short movie in front of the monument of the tropic, continued and met a cyclist […]

Day32. Desaguadero to La Paz

Today I woke up normally to cross the border into Bolivia. One big stage of my trip was finished and I was about the begin the second one. After crossing the entire Peru from West to East, over the high passes of the Andes, I was prepare to face Bolivian mountains. My hostal was literally […]

Day 31. Puno to Desaguadero

Km today: 145 Km total: about 1920 Long day, with late departure from Puno. Head ache on the last 30 km. Arival in Deasguadero at 9 pm, after last 10 with strong wind

Day 29. Colca Canyon

km today: 0 Bus tour in Colva Canyon , impressive piece of art made by the nature. Admire the flight of the condors. That´s the main reason I came to Colca Canyon

Day 28. By Bus to Chivay

Km today: 0 I bought this bus tour and crossed the mountains again, going by bus from Puno to Chivay. Beautiful landscape, a stop at 4910 m, unfortunately the vulcanoes are covered by clouds. admired vicunias

Day 27. Lake Titicaca

km today: 0 km total: 1770 Leaving Amantani island after a very strong rain Visiting Taquile, while enduring a strong stomach ache. return to Puno, where I check out the hotel (after the ownere wants to exchange usd for 1.5 instead of 2.5). Check in at a hostal forv 25 soles and bought a tour […]

Day 26. Lake Titicaca

Km today 0 Visit Uros community and amantani island

Day 25. Santa Rosa to Puno

Km today: 176 Km total: 1770 Today I woke up at 6, after sleeping about 10 hours. I feel fresh, so I pack to go. I stop downstairs for a peruvian-style breakfast, on the street. I drink quinoa, buy some bananas and go. For the first hours I manage to keep a very good speed […]

Day 24. Sicuani to Santa Rosa
Day 24. Sicuani to Santa Rosa

I was tired after the 142 km of yesterday, so I left late. Went well at the beginning, but the first shower came pretty soon. I found shelter in a small shop, put on the rain stuff, left 15 minutes later, when the rain stopped. 1 km further up the stomach problems strike. Also, technical […]

Day 23. Cuzco to Sicuani

Km today: 142 Km total: 1515 Left Cuzco late, after having breakfast, preparing, etc Passed by the ruins of piquillaqta, stopped for some pictures. Afterwards, a lot of up and down. The road goes up along a river, eith a very nice landscape. Various trees, meadows, view of the surrounding hills. Biking by night about […]

Day 22. Relax in Cuzco

I woke up late, just in time for the end of te free breakfast at the hostel. I wanted to see before leaving, so I decided it will be no sense to leave asy 3 or 4pm, so I decided to.stay One more day. I had laundry, lste linch in a chia restaurant. Than vivited […]

Day 21. Machu Picchu

Km today: 30 Km total: 1370 Well, I did it, but didn’t do it well. I rushed, in order to have time to bike back to cusco. Wokeup at 3:50, to get the earliest train from ollantaytambo to aguas calientes. But at the train station they were nout able yo sek me a ticket. So […]

Day 20. Biking to Machu Picchu. Cusco to Ollantaytambo

Km today: 128 Km total: 1348 I left some stuff at the laundry, so I have to wait at least untill 11 am. I have breakfast with a nice view over Cusco, check email and…most of all, continue searching for my glasses. I know I had them when I arrived in Cusco (I check that […]

Day 19. Limatambo to Cusco

arrival in Cusco. In your face, sir !

day 18. Descent to Limatambo
day 18. Descent to Limatambo

I woke up in a storm. strong wind and raining badly. I decided to do what I know best, that was to wait. After a while, I thought the rain won’t stop soon, so I started on rain. Just to discover that the night before I was only 40 minutes away from the antennas where […]

day 17. Up from Abancay

km today: about 30 km total: 950 Today was one of the toughest days so far. I started late, being tired from yesterday. It was terribly warm in the city and it took me more than an hour to exit the town. That includes stopping in front of the restaurant where I had dinner last […]

Day 16. Chalhuanca to Abancay

Km today: 118 Km total: 1020 I wake up at 6:30, but I feel lazy. Probably I need a rest day, my body starts to complain about all this. However not today. I saw on Google maps that there are no climbs; the guy from the hotel tell me is all downhill, “only 2 km […]

Day 15. Negro Mayo to Chalhuanca. Down from 4560 m
Day 15. Negro Mayo to Chalhuanca. Down from 4560 m

Km today: 111 Km total: 900 Spanish world of the day: alto (because I reached 4560 m.a.s.l. – and it was all by riding up from the sea level) After heaving breakfast in the “restaurant”, I start the 40 km ride that follows from Negro Mayo. I kindof feel tired, but continue thinking of the […]

Day 14. Puquio to Negro Mayo
Day 14. Puquio to Negro Mayo

A second long ascent, from Puquio to Negro Mayo. Storm with ice at 4200 m.