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Touring by Bike
Day 43. Villa Maria to Buenos Aires
Day 43. Villa Maria to Buenos Aires

I manage to sleep just a little bit on the bus towards Buenos Aires. There are some stops, people going on and off, so is difficult to sleep. The arrival in Buenos Aires was in time, 1pm. I spent one hour at the bus terminal to check the souvenir shops, look for an internet place, […]

Day 42. Cordoba to Villa Maria

Km today: 170 Trip odometer: 2705 km Is 3:32 a.m. here in Argentina amd i’m writing this from the bus terminal in Villa Maria. Let’s see why. Well, the plusultra bus is very comfortable, so I managed to sleep quite a lot during the previous night. I striped down the bus at 10 a.m. in […]

Day 41. Volcan to Salta

Km today: 133 Trip odometer: 2536 I woke up late and only because Mathias called me. It was 8:45, waaay later than I intended to leave (not to mention waking up). As usually, it took me one hour to pack and be ready for leaving. I definitely need to find a better way to organize […]

Day 40. Huacalera to Volcan
Day 40. Huacalera to Volcan

I woke up late, had breakfast at 8. Prepared the stuff, helped some kids to inflate a tire on a small bike and by the time I left it was 10 a.m. I asked someone to help me with a short movie in front of the monument of the tropic, continued and met a cyclist […]

Day 39. Abra Pampa to the Tropic of Capricorn (Huacalera)

km today: 126 trip odometer: 2321 today was the first cycling day in Argentina. I left late, I was lazy. It all went very fine, going down from Alto Plano, until 25 km to go to Humahuanca. when the rain started and stopped immediately. But then the Southern wind (exactly from the front) started and […]

Day 38. Argentina, I’m Arriving

Km today: probably 3, but let’s nout count them Trip odometer: 2205 km due to lack of time, I lazily took a bus (in fact 4 buses) from Uyuni to Abra Pampa, Argentina. But that doesn’t mean there was no adventure of all. Early in the morning, the “muchacho” from the hotel not only didn’t […]

Day 37. Salar de Uyuni, Isla Incahuasi

Km today: 90 Trip odometer: 2205 km Today I woke up very late, like 9, after the previous two days. I pack slow and leave the campsite at 12. There are 35 km to go to Isla Incahuasi and I arrive at the island at about 14:30. At the island, not at the restaurant on […]

Day 36. Salar de Uyuni

Km today: 52 Trip odometer: 2090 km I took a night bus from La Paz to Uyuni, arrived in Uyuni at 8 am, just to discover there are some technical problems with the bike. Some screws got unscrewed, I almost lost the back rack. After asking the travel agents for some informnation about Salar de […]

Day 35. Huayna Potosi

Climbed up Huayna Potosi (6088 m.a.s.l) with a good mountain guide.

Day 34. Hike up the mountains

Km today: 0 Hiking towards Huyana Potosi