Touring by Bike South America, Africa and Europe by Bicycle

Touring by Bike
Day 7. Clarita to Paracas

Km today: 106.

I spend the first hour of the morning packing the tent, while trying to keep the small kids away from the heavy bike and from my belongings.
I wanted to see the place named Clarita. Well, one of the poor villages in Peru. Really just few very poor houses; of course, no accommodation would be found there.

The weather is good (as always on the coast) and the road is going easily along the coast.
Good mood at the beginning of the day, good speed as well. Slowing down in Cincha Alta.
Pisco wine tasting. In Pisco, I rushed and bought a tour for Islas Ballestas for 40 soles.
WiFi in central park in Pisco. Hitting a car at departure from Pisco, falling. Me OK, bike OK, car OK, driver was in the car and getting down to help me. I tried to find a tent in Pisco, but of course, no chance of that. Instead, you can buy as many Chinese phones as you want.
Front wind from Pisco to Paracas, slowing down.
Accommodation in Paracas, no camping. Nice hostel, Backpackers Soles. And pretty cheap also.
Met a Moldavian guy that was here for kite surfing.
– where are you from ? he asked me
– from Romania
– “Știam eu!” (I knew it!)
It was nice to speak Romanian in this remote place.

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