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Oasis near the lost city of Huayuri
Day 10. Ica to Nazca

Km today: 107
Trip odometer: 544  km
Technical problems: Vaude Aqua front pannier again. One of the clips that attach the panier to the rack gets unlocked and it proofs difficult to screw it back together.
The last day was long and pretty tiring. it took its toll: I lost a shoe, in Ica, and I lost the sunglasses, late on arrival

After the night spent in the barn, I ride back few km to check if the sunglasses are where I first stopped. Of course they are not, people there wouldn’t say they’ve seen them. 5 km to Palpa, I see a street sign showing the lost city of Huayuri (4 km). I quickly decide to give it a visit. However the road is an unpaved one. Normally, 4 km wouldn’t be a problem, but is not the same when you’re riding a bicycle. And when 4 km means almost 6. And when the bike is 50 kg. And when is really hot outside. And when you’re experiencing technical problems…of course, with a front pannier again. the clips that attaches the panier to the rack gets unlocked and it proofs difficult to screw it back together. The lost city is a nice pre-Inca ruin, however if I knew how much time is requires, I don’t think I would’ve done it.
before Palpa I experience the first climb of the day, it goes well. maybe because of the strange thing I’ve drink, sold from a bucket.

The road through the dessert

The road through the dessert

Oasis near the lost city of Huayuri

Oasis near the lost city of Huayuri

Lost city of Huayuri

Ciudad perdida Huayuri

Cactus plantation

Cactus plantation

Had lunch in Palpa and right after I see a sign showing the direction towards Palpa lines.
This is in the village, just out of the main street. Is funny to see kids going down from their houses to see the gringo pushing his bike. And telling each other there is a gringo in the village. From about 10 kids that come to see the miracle, at the end, 5 of them join me to the lines.

All this visit eats time, so when I arrive at Nazca lines I barely have time to go on top of the metal thing to see the lines before is getting really dark. Is getting late, so I ride the last 20 km to Nazca by dark (I should really stop doing this, at least not without the front lamp).

In Nazca I found a good hostal for 30 soles right in the main square. Dinner outside, pollo and beer.

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