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Up in the Andes
Day 11. Up From Nazca

Km today: about 42 (I need to check the GPS and the maps to see exactly how much)
Altitude gain: 1400 m

I left Nazca late, after doing the laundry and some shopping. I knew I would have to wait for the laundry, but I waited more than I wished. After the late arrival the day before, few hours of resting are welcomed. But there were more hours than intended.
Before departure, I got a lot of information from people from the hostel, including a paper with a map printed from the Internet. After loosing a bit of time exiting Nazca (the GPS took me on a strange unpaved road that I lost time on) I finally join the main road and…start climbing. And climb and climb.
I managed to go to 1800 m. For the last hours I was really tired, once I wanted to stop for a short break by the side of the street and – don’t ask me how – I jumped over the bike and…over the street, down in the valley. Fortunately there was only a two meters slope. A truck driver behind me stopped to see if I’m still alive and left when he saw me coming up on the street.
Slept in a drain under the street, no need to pitch the tent, a bivy is enough. I tried to find a place out of the sight of cars, but this is pretty difficult. At the end I found something, not perfect but working for that night. I was afraid of people, but night made pretty invisible. The only problem is that I should really wake up and pack fast if the rain starts. My sleeping place was a water drainage…so one can imagine what happens if it starts to rain. By the landscape I can guess I’m not yet in the area where it rains a lot, so I set the alarm for 6 am and go to sleep.

Up in the Andes

Up in the Andes

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