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Touring by Bike
day 17. Up from Abancay

km today: about 30
km total: 950

Today was one of the toughest days so far. I started late, being tired from yesterday. It was terribly warm in the city and it took me more than an hour to exit the town. That includes stopping in front of the restaurant where I had dinner last night, to check the route and kindof having lunch. It goes like that: I was pushing the bike uphill though Abancay when I spot a restaurant, I enter, a lady asked me if I want “a menu”, yes I want. After 5 minutes she’s still not here with the piece of paper. I ask for something to drink, is really hot outside. The owner said they don’t have cold cola, but they have something else. Whatever works. The menu comes in the form of a big bowl of hot soup. For them the menu is the dish of the day, you probably have to ask for “carta”, if you want to see the menu. Anyway, I eat something, the refreshing drink that’s suppose to replace the coke comes in the meantime and…is something like a hot tea. I eat something of the “secondo” (some chicken), pay 5 soles and here we go.

Or not…this steep climb is really killing me. A guy tells me about a less direct, but more doable route, I finally manage to go out of the town but I’m dead tired.
I have to stop and eat, there is a long climb ahead. I soon realize is much more than 20 km as I initially thought, the GPS was right. and it happens again: I ask a lady how long is the climb, she says…well just 30 minutes to the antennas…30 minutes by car, of course. Dooh !!!
Is soon getting late, I decide to continue by dark up to 8 pm. I pitch the tent at about 3600 m, stealth camping next to the road, but behind a big rock that would make me nearly invisible from the road.

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