Touring by Bike South America, Africa and Europe by Bicycle

Touring by Bike
day 18. Descent to Limatambo

I woke up in a storm. strong wind and raining badly. I decided to do what I know best, that was to wait. After a while, I thought the rain won’t stop soon, so I started on rain. Just to discover that the night before I was only 40 minutes away from the antennas where the descent begins. I rush down to Curawasi, had lunch there and decide to continue towards Limatambo. The road from Curawasi to Limatambo is a nice and easy descent for the first part, passing by a geological fall. Once theĀ  river crossed the climb begins. However, an acceptable one. What is not acceptable is the street. Crappy, potholed and full of rocks and dirt. And of course all cars are throwing the dust in my eyes. Of course, the wind starts. This really slows me down.
Close to Limatambo, an old lady asks where I’m going and insists that is late and I could stay at her place. Of course I felt when I stopped to discuss with the old lady;I was clipped on and I forgot, I was pretty tired. She almost convinced me while she met one of her neighbors, an old guy with a big courtyard. At the end, I stayed at his place, pitching the tent in the balcony. He had a mat on the balcony, but it looked to me like is full of bugs there,i just wanted to protect a little, so I explained to him that the tent needs to dry, which was very true, after packing it on the rain in the morning. The guy barely speaks any Spanish, I speak no Quechua at all. We went together to the restaurant, had fruited trout and a huge beer that we share with a lot of “salud” and “tomaiki” (that’s supposed to be the Quechua word for drinking).

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