Touring by Bike South America, Africa and Europe by Bicycle

Touring by Bike
Day 22. Relax in Cuzco

I woke up late, just in time for the end of te free breakfast at the hostel. I wanted to see before leaving, so I decided it will be no sense to leave asy 3 or 4pm, so I decided to.stay One more day. I had laundry, lste linch in a chia restaurant.
Than vivited the inca museum. Looked for a gaz jar for my campingaz burner, didn’t find any, but I did find the liquid (pure alcohol) to pht in my other stove. Eber, a guy fom a sports store helped me eith the alcohol, testing th hst my device works, do I invited him for s beer. In fact he only had a pwpaya juice and we shared my alpaca meat.

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