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Touring by Bike
Day 38. Argentina, I’m Arriving

Km today: probably 3, but let’s nout count them
Trip odometer: 2205 km
due to lack of time, I lazily took a bus (in fact 4 buses) from Uyuni to Abra Pampa, Argentina.
But that doesn’t mean there was no adventure of all. Early in the morning, the “muchacho” from the hotel not only didn’t wake me up at 5, as he promised (my watch did the job pretty well), but he was not there when I wantd to leave. I needed him to:
– give me the glasses that I forgot in the 5 minutes only shared bathroom, the evening before. Now it was closed;
– give me the tablet, there was no plug in yhe v took, do I had to ask him to charge it;
– opren the door of the hospedaje.
I left at 5:52, normally on time to reach tje buys station before the 6:00 bus departure. 50 meters before station, which was over the corner, I see the bus leaving, I stop it, ask the price, they tell me 70 bs, direct domething smells bad, i was told 60bs few hours ago, when I asked. I asked them if there is another bus leaving south, of course there isn’t. We ave to put thrre bike on top, I asked them amd insisted to put, a plastic cover as a bumper under it, they refuse, so I use a blanket that I keep carrying with me. As me and the driver struggle to fix the bike I see tge other bus leaving.stupid. Both companies told me there is no other. The first one lost a client with this lie, since I stopped the, in_my_mind one and only bus, isted of looking just over the corner. the road is bumpy, I had to ask the driver to stop, do I can put something more (a tent) under the bike.
In Atochaa big truck is blocking the street, we stop, i step down to buy something to eat and when I’m back the bus is not there anymore. I see it down the road trying to pass by the truck, run for it and catch out right when it was passing. To discover that it isstopping in Atocha. For 1.5 Hours. Not only that, but we need to
change the bus. At least I have breakfast, with a guy from Tupiza, Jorge.
And I wash the bike from afl the salt from the salar.the next bus is equally uncomfortable, and full, so there is no place to move, stretch legs, etc. fortunately, the road to Tupiza is beautiful, time goes faster. Once in Tupiza I’m asked for money from the bike, both from Atocha and grom here on to Villazon. They didn’t tell anything before and they definitely overcharged me on the ticket. Jorge posted 40 bs until Tupiza, that’s 75% if the journey. No matter hite much I argue them, there is no way to avoid this roberry (gringo = cash machine in South America). Now I understand why people was yelling gringo as I was passing some villages. The roaf to cooperation ous much better. I decide to cross the frontier and eventually continue to Abra Pampa. That’d what I did abd I felt asleep in the super- comfy Argentinian bus.luckily, by miracle, I woke up at abra pampa. Found School mission soon and haf a great milanesa de llama.

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