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Touring by Bike
Day 42. Cordoba to Villa Maria

Km today: 170
Trip odometer: 2705 km
Is 3:32 a.m. here in Argentina amd i’m writing this from the bus terminal in Villa Maria. Let’s see why.
Well, the plusultra bus is very comfortable, so I managed to sleep quite a lot during the previous night. I striped down the bus at 10 a.m. in Cordoba, asked for some information about buses from Villa Maria to Buenos Aires and being told that there is a bus At 00:55, one at 2:30 and plenty others earlier I leave towards the city center. I intend to dedicate about two hours to Cordoba before hitting the road towards Villa Maria. Cordoba is a nice big city (does such a thing exist?), but the histiric center (present on the map) only features a cathedral, not too many old buildings. Looks like the main attractions are the places around the city, more than the city itself.
I don’t have cash, but is Easter Friday, so money exchange offices are closed. There is one opened, but with a rate of 5.15 pessos for one usd, I rather take money from the cash machine. At least I can withdraw a smaller amount.
I leave late, around 1pm. Since I was told there are 150-200 km to Vila Maria (asy the end they decided there are 150), now I Set the GPS and wait with fear. 143, that’s good, doable even if is very late.

(this is starting to be soo annoying, I started to write this almost 24hours ago and everything I wrote I had to write at least two times).
I was writing That I started full of confidence amd energy (i are a kkt of chocolate in Cordoba).
And this confidence did last until I went out of town abd meet the crosswind, from north east. The energy lasted as little bit longer. i eas doing 20,25 km/h and I didn’t want yo stop for anything. I thought is a good rithm and I didn’t want to break it. But the sun is powerful and I start to eiger from thirsty. I stop with 107 km to go, initially at some houses that pretend they sell food abd refreshing drinks, but that don’t – I was only able to buy some (very good) cheese. Than at a has duration where I enjoyed a sandwich with milanessa napoletana (milanesa or napoletana?). Than another 30 km until I stip in another gas station to refill. The last km.are by dark, I use the front light and I divide the remaining 50km in groipd of 5, trying to count down the groups.

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