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Morocco Day 1: Flying to Marrakech

After a sleepless night everything is packed and carried downstairs to the big taxi waiting. Unlike the departure for Lima, when I had to go to Air France office and pay for the bike, now the bike is paid and everything goes smooth. Norwegian seems to be much better from this point of view. Even the panniers are all put together into one big IKEA bag, so they are considered one luggage, not 4. One of the panniers serves as a hand luggage. Note to self: don’t play chess in the airport at 4 am, after a night spent packing, unless you want to blunder horrendously.

The flight goes on normal, so in Marrakesh airport I look for a cash machine and a taxi.

Arrival in Marrakech airport

Arrival in Marrakech airport

The negotiation vs rip-off game already starts here, when the taxi driver asked for 400 MAD to the city, few km away. After harsh discussions I manage to get the price down to 250 MAD. The alternative was to bike to the hostel and throw the box somewhere in the airport.

Once the taxi arrived at the taxi parking in Marrakech’s medina the luggage is already in a carriage and two guys are waiting for the cash machine to tell them where to go. Of course they ask for another 100 Dh, but I cut it short and tell them I’m not going to pay more than 50.

The guys at the hostel Marrakech Rouge are nice and polite, the atmosphere is relaxed. Sleep needed, sleep got, for a little more than one hour. Being December 31st, some guys are preparing for the new years eve party; it was not much of it, in fact. One of the guys is a climber and he tells me about the cool rock climbing place they are trying to promote, somewhere in Morocco. From what he was saying, I think the place is Oukaimeden. Another guy is “a writer”. Kindof mint-rubbing person that smokes weed and finds nothing better in life to do than hanging around and trying to chat the girls into taking their top off.

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