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Touring by Bike
Day 36. Salar de Uyuni

Km today: 52
Trip odometer: 2090 km

I took a night bus from La Paz to Uyuni, arrived in Uyuni at 8 am, just to discover there are some technical problems with the bike. Some screws got unscrewed, I almost lost the back rack.
After asking the travel agents for some informnation about Salar de Uyuni, I biked to the trains cemetery, biked back to Uyuni and left for the salar at about 12. The road from Uyuni to Colcha, the entrance to the salar is shitty, but a truck offered me a ride fpor the 18-19 km I had left. I accepted it, put the bike in the truck, the ride covered me, the bike, my clothes and everything with a layer of dust.

I enter the salar late, but I admire the way people obtain the salt, than I rode towards Isla Incahuasi (aka Isla de Pescadores). I had a little bit of orientation doubts at the beginning, but it all went fine by following the GPS. Of course there is no road, or better said there are hundreds of roads or faint traces of tires on the salt (call them as you want).
The beginning was nice and interesting, but at about 5 pm a wind from West started and it become stronger and stronger. So I decided to ride up to 7 pm and pitch the tent if it doesn´t get better. It got worst and picthing the tent on that wind, in the middle of the salt dessert, was an adventure in itself. Not only due to the wind, but also the salt was very strong in that place. I managed to hook it to the bike, used all the luggages to keep it on the ground…and I still had a lot of fear. It was for the first time since the beginning of the trip in Lima that I was happy with the fact that the luggages are so heavy.

I used the cooking stove with pure alcohol, prepared a delicious “repas nomade” that I bought from Decathlon Stockholm and carried with me all time. Still 3 or 4 bags to go. Of course inside the tent. There was no way to stay out on that weather. The night was cold, as I expected, but, by the morning, I added the silk sleeping bag and anothe pair of socks and I was fine.

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