Touring by Bike South America, Africa and Europe by Bicycle

Seals and Sea Lion on Islas Palomino
Day 1. Lima, Swimming With The Seals.

Position: Lima, Peru
Position of the bike: New York, US
Kilometers by bike : 0
Man of the day: Marcello, the owner of 151 backpackers hostel
Lady of the day: Cora, the Romanian lady who offered some sun protection cream and saved my day.
Drink of the day: Maracuja/Maracuyá .
Bad man of the day: the “photographer” of, who charged 15 Soles for almost nothing. 5 pictures + some pictures from many years ago on the CD he gave to me. and all of them bad quality
Spanish world of the day: Churro

For today I planned of going out on the Ocean to see the seals. is the tour organizer. Price: 75 USD, out of which 30 USD were for the taxi from Lima to Callao. Met a Romanian couple leaving in Israel. On the same tour there were four swedes, two guys and two girls.
We passed by El Fronton island, where a prison used to be until 1986, when a rebellion of Sendero Luminoso ended with the prison being bombarded and 90 prisoners killed by the Peruvian Navy.

Seals and Sea Lion on Islas Palomino

Sea Lion on Islas Palomino

The swimming with the seals and the sea lions was nice, they came close and if you put your feet toward them they touch you. The feeling is strange, I didn’t know if to be afraid or to be happy I have the chance to experience that. At the end, they are wild animals, so pretty unpredictable.  Although the water was pretty cold we stayed about 25-30 minutes playing with the seals. When I got out I was shivering uncontrolled for 20 -30 minutes.They offered me a cup of warm tea, some blankets and I stopped shivering.
Back in Lima, I went for a walk to the seaside, at the Larcomar mall, looking for a shop to buy a sim card for my mobile phone.
In between buying the sim card, the USD adapter and a present for Clara, I tested a juice made of mango and maracuja. One of he ladies that were offering it in a big shopping mall said that maracuja has aphrodisiac effects, but I informed them that I’m traveling alone, so no benefits with that . Had dinner at El Parquetito, pollo a la mozzarela, pretty good I should say.

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