Touring by Bike South America, Africa and Europe by Bicycle

Touring by Bike
Day 4. Lima. The bike is in Lima

Is 9:30 and I just  got a phone call from the airport that the bicycle is in Lima and I should go to the airport and pick it up.

Since is not my fault that the bicycle is late 4 days, I asked them to send it here to the hostel. If not, I intend the go to the airport anyway, to get the yellow fever vaccination jab. OK, since the bike arrival I didn’t have much time to keep you updated, but here we go: I noticed the bike box was not opened, this was good news. I managed to put everything together (or almost everything) in about one hour. It was too late to leave Lima, so I took the bike out for a ride. Things went fine and I started to get used to the crazy traffic in Lima.

In fact I decided I can take advantage of the time spent in Lima and take the yellow fever jab. Of course, I didn’t go to the airport, but to a place Marcello told me about. The place looks weird: an old building and a metal old door, that has a metal window in it. Someone opened the small window just to tell me that there was “centro de la salud” , not “clinica de salud”. It was hard to understand them (for sure is something wrong with their Spanish, not mine 🙂 ), but I understood you cannot get the jab there. Few hundred meters further, on the same Avenida dell’Ejercito, there was another centro de salud, this time I called Marcello and asked him to talk to them. I understood I have to go back, and indeed in the old prison-like building it was another door with a sign “vacunacion para fiebre amarilla“. Cool ! and the opening time: 8 – 14. Not so cool any-more, since it was later than 2 pm. I go back to the prison guardian and he tells me is opened from 8 to 1pm.

So I stop the search for the day and start searching for a bike shop, for a helmet and few other small things. None of the ones listed in the guidebook exists anymore, but I finally manage to find one on Av. petit thouars cuadra 38. I buy a spacer for the handlebar, lubricant oil, but the helmets they have are too expensive, considering I already have a good (read “no name”) helmet back in Stockholm. I decide to call it the day, not before a visit to the handicrafts market. I love this place, I could spend hours there without getting bored. Back at the hostel, I meet three “chilenos” and hang out with them. They offer a beer and then we go out in Barranco to drink something. Cool people. And I’m forced to practice my Spanish. They continue the party in Miraflores, but for me follows a day with yellow fever vaccination and hopefully some cycling, so I return to the hostel and go to sleep as soon as possible.

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